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Sparke Labs is a leading manufacturer of natural, quality skincare products. Since our inception, we have manufactured for leading brands that have sold globally in the US, UK, Australia and Singapore, in luxury departmental stores and on Amazon, making Sparke Labs the go-to manufacturer for direct to consumer marketers.


We know the trends of the beauty industry is ever changing. That is why it all starts with a mindset that embraces change. Paired with a unique R&D and market research, we develop concepts and produce to create innovative trend setting products.

Sparke Labs partners with the most distinguished beauty brands to create and innovate. All under one roof, we concept, design and produce award-winning products to empower and spark beauty brands.

Here's our secret: we are control freaks. So, we do it all ourselves in our Singapore and Malaysia headquarters. We combine the best of the industry's formulators, toolmakers, molders, compounders, and assemblers. A innovative production system that overcomes the inflexibility of traditional automation and leapfrogs productivity of outdated manual methods.  

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